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 Learn to Read Your Own Meter 



Every month, OG&E reads your meter to determine the amount of your bill. Your meter also records valuable information about your home energy use, so let us help you decode those dials.

Understanding your smart meter

Once your smart meter has been installed, OG&E can read your meter remotely. Smart meters send your electricity use information to OG&E via secure, two-way wireless communications.

Reading your new smart meter is easy. The meter scrolls through many different displays that will show your kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage and other system and diagnostic information.

Most of the scrolling digital displays are identified by a number in the bottom left corner of your meter. This number represents what type of data is being shown. For example, if the number 01 is displayed, the corresponding number to the right indicates your kWh.

Other terms that could be displayed:

  • If the word "closed" is displayed, the remote disconnect switch is closed and power is available to the customer.
  • When the word "open" is shown, the service has been disconnected at the meter and you will need to contact OG&E to have meter service turned on.
  • If the word "busy is displayed, the meter is receiving or transmitting a communication.
  • For customers on a time-of-use rate plan, the smart meter will indicate peak and off-peak periods. When the letter A is shown, the customer is in off-peak; letter B indicates peak time.
  • The other items on the display help the OG&E service personal to determine service level and troubleshooting the installation of the meter.

Reading a traditional meter

Most traditional meters have four or five dials; some have numbers that turn like a digital clock. If you have a meter with a dial, here's how you read it: 

  • Read the dials left to right.

  • On the 5-dial meter, the first, third and fifth hands turn clockwise; the second and fourth turn counter-clockwise.

  • Read the number on each dial that the hand points to.

  • If the hand is between numbers, read the lowest number it has just passed.

Reading these digits in order gives your usage reading in kilowatt hours (kWh).

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