Our Environmental Position

We're proud of our reputation as an environmentally responsible company.

Photo by Jay Pruett, The Nature Conservancy

Environmental Position Statement

OGE Energy Corp. and its members are proud of our reputation as an environmentally responsible company. The Company and its members accept responsibility to operate our facilities and provide service to our customers in a cost-effective manner that meets or exceeds the requirements established in environmental laws and regulations.

The Company will:

  • meet or exceed all applicable laws and regulations.
  • act in an environmentally responsible manner by effectively and efficiently utilizing our natural resources while being mindful of our corporate environmental footprint.
  • participate in the development of laws, regulations, and best practices that provide safeguards for the community, the workplace, and the environment and provide the operational flexibility necessary to meet the needs of our business, customers, and shareholders.
  • be a responsible corporate citizen in the communities in which we live, work and operate. We will educate the public about energy conservation.

Climate Change Commitment

At OGE Energy Corp., we know that environmental responsibility is important to the quality of life of our customers, the communities we serve and our own employees and their families. It is also critical to our success. We have a dual responsibility to protect our natural resources and to provide safe, reliable and reasonably priced power.

OGE Energy recognizes that global climate change presents a serious challenge to the world. While there appears to be consensus that manmade greenhouse gas emissions are increasing temperatures of the global climate, there lies great uncertainty with regard to prediction of the degree of warming and particularly consequences associated with such increases in temperature. At OGE Energy we have a role to play in this discussion. It is our aim to participate in the same practical, responsible, community-focused way that has characterized our company for the past century. OGE Energy supports public policy which allows maximum flexibility for attaining greenhouse gas reductions and thus minimizing the impact on our customers and shareholders. In addition, OGE Energy will voluntarily explore and implement where feasible actions to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

To that end, we accept our responsibility to:

  • lead implementation of balanced and effective public policy.
  • advocate global responses that address all countries and multiple industries.
  • explore technology that may reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • remain committed to development of renewable energy, such as wind.
  • assist our customers in reducing their energy consumption.
  • focus on our obligation to provide reliable and affordable energy.
  • set an example as a steward of the environment.