Wind Power

Supporting a local power source

Learn why the Claborn family chooses 100% OG&E Wind Power.

Help create a better energy future by enrolling in OG&E Wind Power!

Here's how it works

To help create a cleaner energy future, sign up for OG&E Wind Power. We offer three different use levels of wind power RECs which you will be billed at your selected level for 12 months.

Just choose the amount of your power that you would like to receive through wind power.

Approximate costs are based on your 12-month rolling energy usage average. This number will change if your usage changes.

Level A


Level B


Level C



OG&E consumers are making a strong environmental statement by subscribing to clean, renewable wind energy since 2003. By offering this environmentally friendly option, we are helping our communities move towards energy independence. We currently have seven active wind farms which include the following:

Wind Farm
51 MW
120 MW
OU Spirit
101 MW
Keenan II
152 MW
130 MW
228 MW
OSU Cowboy
60 MW


To help create a cleaner energy future, sign-up for OG&E Wind Power. There are three different levels for residential customers to choose from that will fit your environmental commitment. Wind power renewable energy credits (RECs) will be billed to you at your selected level for 12 months.

Percent of Annual kWh Usage
REC Price per kWh
$0.0045 per kWh
$0.0040 per kWh
$0.0035 per kWh


Our investments in wind power have made renewable energy an important part of Oklahoma’s economy and energy portfolio. When the wind isn’t blowing, we turn to traditional, incremental power based plants to assure you reliability.

We believe this investment is a great solution for Oklahoma and our residential customers.  That’s why OG&E wants to invite you to join the Wind Power Revolution.

To show your commitment to renewable energy, enroll online or contact customer service Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 405-272-9741 (Oklahoma City) or 800-272-9741 (all other areas).